About Me

Hey guys, I'm Trent Darby and this is my web site, Custom House Numbers. Welcome! Ok, so you've moved into your new house and want to make a statement. Subtle but something that says "this is me". Well, the best way to do that is to make a sign with custom house numbers, your family name, or another personalized sign. I created this fun little web site to provide you with information and cool photos that will help you make the right personalized sign choice for you. Enjoy your time here and if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. I'm always happy to receive feedback.

Custom Wood Signs

It is about time you changed something in your house, but what is it? Custom wood signs might just be the thing to fill in the gap that is missing in your home and there is no need to go to an expensive antique shop to get custom wood signs because you can actually learn how to make some yourself.

You will learn how to have them engraved and carved but before you do that, it is important that you know the tools of trade or let’s just say you need to know the materials that you will be using for making custom wood signs and they are:

1-Carbon paper
5-Black spray paint
6-Mask and some goggles
7-Sander and some sand paper
8-Foam brush

When you want to make custom wood signs you just don’t pick up any piece of wood that you come across and start working on it. You have to choose wood that is of good quality and is soft. This simply fits the description of cedar which will make you do wonders with it.

The next thing is to decide what size of cedar you will be working with to make your custom wood signs. Now, this is a decision that will rely on the sole use of the wood sign. Of course, it will be a personalized sign but if it is for a business, it will need to be seen from far away by your customers therefore choose a size that synchronizes with the use.

Now, do not get the exact size that you need, get something a bit bigger then saw the wood to the size you want. Do not fret if the piece of wood is slightly crooked because you can actually implement that into your design. The next thing is content. What do you want to be put on your custom wood signs? Is it your name or the name of business? You can also advertise a sale in your store or simply have custom wood signs which simply give directions to your house or farm.

The next step in making custom wood signs is creating a pattern on paper, then you will sand the wood piece and then transfer your beautiful pattern to the wood using carbon paper. Next route your design on the piece of wood but you should put on protective wear and that is where the mask and the goggles come in.

Paint in the letters now using the spray paint then leave everything to dry. When that is done apply some varnish to your custom wood signs. You have now made yourself some rustic but classic custom wood signs which will definitely serve their purpose well. So, if you are looking for custom wood signs and you are on a tight budget, it won’t hurt if you try this at home, so make your own custom wood signs.

Personalized Signs

Have you ever wanted to own a piece of private property in the outskirts of the city? Well your dream has just come true that is if you believe that big things start small and starting small can be as simple as getting yourself some personalized signs.

Personalized signs show where your boundaries are. They inform people where your limits lie, so if you want to show some sort of thing that you own without shouting you can use personalized signs.

You can have someone make personalized signs for you but you can also make them for yourself and if you decide to do it yourself you will need the following;

1-A paint brush
2-A screw driver
5-Carbon paper
6-A pencil
7-Wood sign
9-A stake

Now after getting all the materials necessary for making your personalized signs you should come up with something nice that you want the sign to say. Many personalized signs make a good gift but if you will be making more, then the very first personalized signs you make should hang on your wall then the rest can be made to act as gifts for loved ones. Back to messages you can have the name of your family on the sign or simply have a saying that reveals it all.

Size indeed matters and the next thing to do when making yourself some personalized signs is to decide the size of the signs you want. One can either buy blank wood signs or if you love going down to the zero level then you can simply buy a wood panel and saw it down to the size that you want and that is called getting down to some serious personalized signs business. The next thing to be done is painting and after that seal your sign since definitely you will want it to last long.

You can put your favorite decoration on the sign plaques but if you are up to the task buy some carbon paper and draw your design on your personalized signs.
When making personalized signs be free to create and experiment with different shapes. Remember that these are personalized signs therefore they express who you are on the inside. Take your time because this will help you to come up with something great and remember to use paint that can be seen from all angles outdoors because your personalized signs show the bigger things you own in smaller ways.